Hunters tornado (15 photos)

In the US, there is a unique entertainment - hunting for a tornado. In April, May and June daredevils go chasing tornadoes. Their task - to drive as close as possible to the vortex and photograph him at point blank range.

But think twice before you join these desperate children. Tornado or tornado - is one of the most dangerous to human phenomena of nature. The furious gale rips the roof, breaking trees, rises into the air people, animals, cars and even entire houses. Tornado sweeps over the earth at a speed of 35-65 kilometers per hour, leaving a swath of destruction. He often accompanied by hail, thunder and rain. In the US, under the impact of elements often get Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. It is no coincidence that the area became known as "Tornado Alley." Most tornadoes celebrated there from May to June.


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