Bugatti at the bottom of the lake (15 photos)

In Switzerland, from the bottom of Lake Maggiore was found and raised on the land vintage car prolezhavy at the bottom of more than 70 years! French car brand Bugatti in 1925 release, put up for international auction, its cost is 130 000 thousand. Dollars.

This is the 22nd rare model, which was produced in the Italian city of Brescia and sold in France. However, in 1936 the owner wanted to sell the car in Switzerland. But when crossing the Swiss-Italian border customs service required to pay for a major car tax. Car owner did not want to part with their money and threw Bugatti directly at the customs post located near Lake Maggiore. Customs, after thinking about what to do with the car, we decided to throw it into the water. There, at a depth of 5 meters of the car and lay all subsequent seven decades.
A recently discovered Bugatti diver, and a group of enthusiasts decided to pull the car. Interest in car show many collectors. Remarkable is the fact that the body retains its original blue paint, and there is air in the tires.


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