Museum of tanks in the garden

"Bronemaster" Vyacheslav Verevochkin from the village of Great Oёsh Novosibirsk region manually, with a couple of mates, makes old iron military equipment - according to the drawings, to the millimeter sizes of surviving parts. Under the windows of the house - is a museum of tanks and armored vehicles.

The first thirty years of military equipment Verevochkin engaged on duty - in the army. Over the years his own disassemble and reassemble everything that moves in the army, and the modern technology he is not interested. Eighteen months ago Verevochkin retired, but left interest in machinery.

All tanks village craftsman does not outwardly different from the present, only the weapons they are not worth fighting.

Yard Vyacheslav Verevochkin like a museum of military equipment: here stands the domestic 75-millimeter cannon, mortars, fascist car "Kyugelvagen." All samples identical to the factory, to the last rivet.


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