Large-scale debris flow landslide in Colombia

The Columbia tragedy - the massive mudflow landslide covered a residential area ... According to the latest data, 16 people died.

About 4 million cubic meters of mud and stones in a matter of seconds struck the homes of La Gabriela quarter in the municipality of Bello, a suburb of Medellin

From landslide damaged 30 to 50 houses.

At night, the police, military and firefighters continued to conduct search operations.

Rescuers recovered from the rubble of the body 16 people, 11 of them have already been identified. Search and rescue operations, which involved about 400 people, continues

Locals are mourning their relatives missing in a landslide. At the moment, we know about the death of sixteen people. Among them year-old girl. Seven of the wounded were removed from the rubble. Dozens of people are reported missing.

More precisely it is impossible to determine the number of victims, rescuers are reviewing the rubble and search for the dead and wounded.

Homeless were more than a hundred thousand families. In most states in the country are pouring rain for another week

This year in Colombia have been the strongest in the last 40 years, landslides caused by torrential rains.

To date, the country suffered from the disaster nearly two million inhabitants. Among the dead listed 174 people.

Photo © Federico Rios / EPA, Albeiro Lopera / Reuters, Raul Arboleda / AFP - Getty Images


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