Car owners were obliged to clear the streets of snow

St. Petersburg authorities have decided to bring order to the snow removal is very unusual way. The fact that the wipers simply can not cope with snow removal (or unwilling to cope), on many streets formed a backlog constantly having trouble passing cars (of course, because of this huge traffic jams are formed).

So - to clean the streets of excess snow in St. Petersburg decided using ... drivers. And on
compulsory basis. It turns out that the power of the northern capital in 2007 adopted a resolution number 1334
"On approval of cleaning, maintenance of cleanliness and order on the territory of St. Petersburg." And there
stated that "the owners of motor vehicles ... parking is carried out on
territory of objects of the road network, yard, intra territories of more than 3 days,
provide parking for the duration of cleanliness and order (including cleaning of snow and dirt) on
parts of the territory at a distance of 3 meters from them ».

That is now clean the streets of snow along the roadsides should not travel services, and the drivers themselves. And those,
who do not want to do the work of janitors, it is assumed fined. Of up to 2,000 rubles.

In this photo essay, you can see what is happening on the streets of the northern capital. As can be seen from
these pictures that were taken today, works drivers are more than enough.

P.S. By the way, a very similar situation with the snow removal was in the northern capital in the past year.


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