Professional delivery of fresh and fragrant flowers

Flowers are an amazing creation of nature. They look unusual, they can not be compared with anything. This partly explains the popularity of plants that have a luxurious bud and are characterized by a memorable, rich aroma. Therefore, it is not surprising that flowers are also a very popular gift. It is customary to give them almost all over the world. There is no such holiday or celebration that would do without these incredible creations of nature itself. If you need flower delivery in St. Petersburg, it is very important to turn to professionals to get the best result.

Online store Express Bouquet is a large company, one of the most significant in the region. To date, it has thirty stores, which are located in many cities, including such large ones as St. Petersburg and Moscow. The company has been operating in the profile market for eight years. Throughout its existence, it has steadily improved its level, improving service, strengthening its capabilities and expanding services for customers.

As a result, we have a first-class flower company that provides a wide selection of high quality plants for every taste. All flowers are grown on proven plantations. They are located not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders - in the countries of Latin America, Europe and even Africa.

It is noteworthy that the company cooperates with flower companies directly. This means that it does not resort to the help of intermediaries, therefore, it can set a lower price for its products. And this is a very important factor for her many clients.

There are really a lot of buyers at Express Bouquet. This is confirmed by numerous reviews, which can be easily found not only on the company's website, but also on the Internet. The vast majority of these reviews are positive. Many are satisfied with the level of service, the widest choice, individual approach and competent pricing policy of the company.

Delivery from professionals
Delivering products such as flowers is a real challenge. Unlike other things that are not so fragile, not so delicate and short-lived, delivering a bouquet of live plants in such a way that it retains not only its attractiveness, but also its structure can be very problematic. Especially if this is done by a third-party logistics company that is responsible for little.

Understanding this problem and trying to solve it, Express Bouquet created its own courier service. This immediately provided a number of benefits for customers:
  • Delivery is carried out by professionals, in specially created conditions, and this guarantees the safety of the bouquet.
  • The cost of delivery is significantly reduced due to the absence of an intermediary, which in this case is a third-party transport company.
  • A professional courier is ready to deliver a bouquet on behalf of the client, and to do it at a very high level.
  • Delivery is possible at any time of the day, even at night. The same goes for the day of the week.
  • It is possible to specify the delivery time in advance. Therefore, a bouquet of flowers will be delivered to the client exactly when he needs it, for example, immediately before the holiday.

Flower delivery is a complex process that can only be solved at a high level by professional flower companies. Exactly such a company is Express Bouquet. Here you will find exactly those flowers that you dreamed about.


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