Cultivation of pigeons in Belgium

Pigeons in cities - is the main source of the bird (actually a pigeon) shit droppings on the machines, benches or simply on the ground. Guzzle that horrible shit where they want, but!
In New York, for example, the Belgian racing pigeons are highly valued and sold for thousands of dollars. According to the Associated Press, the Belgians have long excelled in the breeding pigeons and from generation to generation transmit knowledge about how to do a better pedigree with the leading riders. In 1950, more than 250,000 of them were official members of the Royal Federation of pigeon. Almost every Belgian can be seen on weekends in blue overalls coming down or aspiring to the attic, where he keeps a few dozen pigeons.

Bowl with chicks sporting breed pigeons

The adult (a-glance what kind of strict!)

The fight in the cage

Last weekend, a wealthy Chinese buyer purchased 218 birds from the colony Pros Roosen in record high world price - 1.368 million euros (1, 8 million).


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