Edible insects

Crunchy edible worms, fried fireflies, ant eggs ... How, you may not mouth water ?! Mark Dennis - the founder of the brand "Insects are edible," explains how to use these foods in the diet may help save the environment.

The school cooks Rdzhin Aydzhessel in Wageningen are taught how to properly extinguish worms with green onions for stuffing pies. All you have to do to save the jungle from deforestation, improve their diet to improve your health, reduce the percentage of carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere and cut their waste in the food - it's just start eating insects. Dutch scientist Arnold van Huis says pies with worms, grasshoppers rolls and other dishes with strange ingredients - this is an adequate response to the world food crisis, depletion of land and water resources and global warming. In order to motivate their ideas as a lot of people, Van Huis and his team of scientists of Wageningen decided to cooperate with the local school chefs to develop a cookbook with the relevant recipes.


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