People's love for Silvio Berlusconi

February 6, several thousand people took part in a demonstration demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

On the picture, taken during a protest in Arcore visible mask the Italian prime minister and a poster with his caricatures, which says, "Come home, papa. Liberate Italy from the shame and disgrace. "

So, on the eve of the streets of Florence came about three thousand people with slogans.

"It's Ruby" widely discussed last month in the Italian society. It received its name from the Moroccan Karim El-Maruga (Karima El Mahroug), nicknamed "Ruby".

In the photo: a banner reading: "Berlusconi, go away! You stole our dignity! "

A demonstrator holds a "poster" with a picture of Berlusconi, under which is written "The shelf life has expired".

A protester wearing a mask of Italian Prime Minister during a protest "Day without Berlusconi".


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