Save the human cost of their appearance (3 photos)

In dvadtsatidevyatiletnego former soldier, which will be discussed, it is the victim, he also lost a leg and fingers on a hand.
Mitch Hunter saved the life of a woman trapped in a car accident - flinging her from energized wires. But at the same time he was hit by an electric shock of 10 000 volts and was on its impact for five minutes.

As soon as a donor, Hunter will go from Indiana to Boston to undergo surgery at the clinic Braygem End Vimens.
Hunter is well aware that only a dead man could be his donor.
"I am from this very unhappy. I do not want it to look as if I wait until some poor guy going to die for me. But if the person agrees to his body and then went to authorities to those who are waiting for transplants, so it was a nice man who wanted to help those in need, "says Hunter.
Operation and rehabilitation after it takes about a year. But first you need to find a donor, and the search process has been going on for several months.

August 10, 2010 Mitch Hunter, right, talks about a car accident cost him his appearance. It happened near the speedway, Indiana. On the roof of the car Hunter fell to voltage of 10,000 volts wire. Now Hunter waiting for plastic surgery and transplantation.

Mitch Hunter with his four-month son, Clayton.

Mitch Hunter, a photo taken 10 August 2010.

And here's how it looked before the accident


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