How to determine the real cost of a used car?

Buying a used car is very popular, which does not stop growing. This is due to more favorable prices for vehicles, a large selection of models and a simpler design. But before contacting the Chernivtsi car market, it is recommended to determine the criteria for calculating the cost of a used car.

Calculating the cost of a used car
What determines the price of a used vehicle? Unlike a new car, any used model is distinguished by its technical condition. Even under the best operating conditions, the service life of the engine and other systems is reduced, and this already reduces the cost of sale. Therefore, before concluding a contract, it is recommended not only to monitor the market, but also to conduct an examination. What determines the real cost of a used car:
  • make and model - the most popular vehicles can cost more;
  • the type of drive and gearbox (robotic options are more expensive, but the maintenance costs will be high);
  • year of manufacture and mileage - the older the vehicle, the lower the cost, but the maintenance costs in the end may be too high;
  • complete set and availability of all declared components, including airbags, multimedia system, air conditioning, sunroof and others;
  • general condition of the body, engine and other systems.

You should not immediately grab onto the cheapest models, as in the end the costs will be too high. Most often, old cars, cars after an accident or overhaul are offered at a low price. It is recommended to refuse such options, since the purchase in this case will be economically unprofitable.

Where to buy used cars?
For many potential buyers, the question of finding a place to buy a reliable used car is relevant. Immediately it is worth abandoning the purchase by ad with hands. Despite the rather attractive prices, there is a high risk of fraud. What is it fraught with? A used car can be in extremely poor technical condition, although it is very difficult to determine it outwardly. In addition, it is difficult for a layman to understand whether there was a car in an accident, in what real condition the body and chassis are. The risks also include overpricing and lack of equipment.
Where is the best place to buy a used car? The most optimal option are specialized auto sites with a reliable reputation. The largest car market in Ukraine is rightfully considered to be the ParkDrive company, whose website: regularly publishes verified and relevant advertisements for the sale of passenger cars in Chernivtsi and other cities of the country.

In the catalog you can find any brand and model, using a convenient search system, determine the year of manufacture, technical characteristics and other parameters. Service specialists are ready to help you in choosing, organizing an independent examination and provide, if necessary, consulting or legal services.


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