How to Choose the Best Bathroom Faucet Set

Replacing a faucet is a delicate matter. The ideal option would be a whole set of bathroom faucets at once, so as not to have to look for similar options for a bathtub or sink separately later. Moreover, it is important to find not only a beautiful and not very expensive one, but also one that will not irritate you with dripping or too hot water.

What faucet sets do manufacturers offer?
The plumbing market is constantly replenished with some pleasant new products. Mixers are no exception. Now on sale you will find both immortal classics and something interesting for your bathroom.

Basically, bathroom faucet sets consist of 3-4 of the following components:

  • shower head - may differ in diameter, shape and length of the hose;
  • wall-mounted bath faucet - lever and valve, with a long spout, short or without it at all;
  • faucet for the sink - can also be a lever or valve, the length of the spout differs slightly;
  • A thermostat is a useful device that “remembers” your comfortable temperature and constantly maintains it, that is, the shower does not burn you. In addition, the thermostat provides good water pressure. The disadvantage of such a device is its relatively high cost.
Also, some manufacturers supplement the sets with another mixer that can be installed in the kitchen. They are usually distinguished by a more curved long spout.

Important! The German company Grohe has such a set in the Eurosmart Cosmopolitan line.

Basically, a shower head is sold not just like that, but together with a stand. Keep this in mind when purchasing, as many shower stands are equipped with a soap dish or even a shelf for shampoos and other accessories.

You can also find expensive faucet sets in the catalogs, which include an entire shower system. That is, the buyer immediately becomes the happy owner of:

  • bathroom faucet;
  • hand shower;
  • overhead shower.
This option is appropriate when you want to combine both a bathtub and a shower. The main disadvantage of such a kit is its high cost - about 20 thousand hryvnia. However, it will be cheaper than buying the shower system and faucet separately.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Faucet Set
When purchasing a set of bathroom faucets, you don’t want even one faucet to fail. This means that you need to choose more carefully, taking into account all the little things and nuances.

We recommend paying attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Material - faucets made of brass, coated with a layer of stainless steel or chrome, are considered the most reliable.
  2. The aerator is a small mesh at the end of the spout. It saturates the water flow with air, thereby reducing the consumption of useful resources. It is advisable that the aerator be replaceable, since after a while it will need to be replaced with a similar one.
  3. Cartridge - Ceramic cartridges are popular now. It is important that the same items are on sale, since they need to be replaced after a certain period of time.
Important! The appearance of the faucets depends entirely on your tastes and the interior of the bathroom.

Also, when choosing a set of bathroom faucets, pay attention to the manufacturer. It is advisable to choose well-known companies that have already established themselves in the market.


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