What's the treachery of hepatitis C virus: mutations and the absence of characteristic symptoms

Attitude to viral hepatitis C from medicine has changed dramatically in the last few years, the disease moved into the category of treatable. This was due to the fact that finally pharmacists have invented the drugs that have begun to deal effectively with the insidious virus and show excellent results not only in clinical trials, and medical practice

Create your own copies — the ability of the hepatitis C virus
Part of the original expensive drugs and their analogues generics, which started to produce in a year, consists of identical active substances that can suppress the virus. He can't in such conditions to regenerate itself and create its own copy — this ability was the base for the emergence of up to 400 subspecies of the six known genotypes.

They were introduced with the confused immune system sometimes mistakenly started to destroy infected liver cells. That is why and there is no vaccine against this insidious virus, which globally has 170 million-strong army of infected people. In Russia, only approximate data of about 5 million — first, the disease is difficult to detect, and secondly, there are no accurate statistics — one that really does.

Modern therapy of HCV: the generics declared the fight the virus
In Russia most popular are the analog of the generic drugs is their price is affordable for citizens with average income. But while you buy Sofosbuvir and Velvetelvis in the composition of such preparations is impossible — their sale is not permitted due to lack of registration. A way out was proposed by the companies that organized the work of relevant Internet sites — this site offers a wide assortment of generics from manufacturers with a minimum premium.

One such company is Dr. HCV, who arranged for direct cooperation with pharmaceutical manufacturers. Thanks to the sales of Sofosbuvir and Olatawura in Moscow became a reality and the ability for patients to simply and quickly place your order quickly to get drugs Express delivery involves the ability to pick them up and pay at any metro station.

But buy in Moscow Sofosbuvir and Velvetelvis costs after a visit to a medical facility and get the advice of a physician. It is first important to identify the genotype of the virus, the body's reaction to components of preparations, the degree of damage to the liver and other internal organs that have suffered under the influence of aggressive virus. Selling Sofosbuvir and Olatawura in Moscow — a chance to fight the virus and get the desired sustained virologic response.


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