Modern enterprise management via the cloud service 1C

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Software that allows you to manage the business through the Internet, is appreciated by many owners of different forms of business. It does not have to have a separate powerful server in the enterprise. Only access to the network. Than a useful method of control:

  • there is always the ability to check the internal turnovers of the company from all access points to the Internet.
  • the ability to view all reports, even from outside the office;
  • to use any additional applications of the system 1C.

While the proposed 1C accounting cloud service the price is quite affordable even for small businesses. And it's a great savings of financial costs the owner.

Convenient operation via internationally "cloud" service is the lack of the need to have a powerful expensive computer acting as server of the enterprise. Where will data be stored? On the virtual service that you don't even need to load on the office PC. Modern developments of 1S allow you to use a client application that is available for version smartphones. The memory of the gadget is not overloaded.

Using the cloud service, customers can:
  • to work in the administrative database from home via the HTTP Protocol;
  • to use any device without a need for pre-installation version of the program;
  • to login under different users simultaneously;
  • do not spend money on maintenance and repair of the system.

This approach allows you to actively carry out all matters being in negotiations or business trip. The program also will be convenient for the managers who are often away on business meetings with clients. At any time you can provide to the partners a report on the movement of goods or other transactions under the cooperation.

The official obespechennaya 3 Soft on formal terms provides service programs 1C. Customers receive comprehensive advice on the selection of the required functionality. Also you can order a demo version of your product in advance to have an idea about such service. For each client, flexible pricing for services ordered, which is considered an additional advantage at the conclusion of the contractual obligations.


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