Smartphones in the river: which brand to choose?

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Today, many buyers in the river are choosy when it comes to choosing a smartphone. This is quite understandable, as one needs to obtain high-quality photos and the other important that it was convenient to play games or you can quickly download the music. What is the best option to stay, what to buy a smartphone cheap, but that he still differed in their functionality?
Smartphones Apple: the best deals
The cost of smartphones is significantly different, and plays a big role, who is the producer. Of course, the "Apple" brand is not available to all, the cost of mobile devices from Apple are very high. And this stops many buyers. Not everyone will agree to buy a model X Apple iPhone 64Gb for 37 and a half thousand hryvnia. But there are models of these gadgets and at a higher price.
If there is a question of cost, then you need to pay attention to Apple iPhone 6 16Gb. The cost of this mobile device more acceptable in the river it can be purchased for 10 000 UAH. In addition to all other benefits relating to the design and filling, the manufacturer is bothered about the glass that is resistant to fingerprints. It uses the processor Apple A8 1400 MHz, and RAM is enough 1 GB.
But this model for many is expensive. In this case, you should consider such model as the Apple iPhone 5S 16Gb. The average cost of this smartphone is 5.5 thousand hryvnia. But some shops offer a lower price — a little more than 4.5 thousand. However, the characteristics are not as excellent as the models "abruptly". For example using a weak battery Li-Ion.
Smartphones at an affordable price
In recent years, many buyers switched to Chinese manufacturers. The fact is that there have started to produce more modern, high-quality and functional gadgets. But the price is still lower than that of well-known brands from Europe or Japan. Recently myself said the company Xiaomi. She started to produce mobile phones in 2015. Buyers are immediately attracted such a model as Xiaomi Mi4c. And the reason for this low price, but the impressive functionality.
It is a smartphone with 5-inch screen, and it is available today in two versions. One modification 16 GB of internal memory, but the figure is much more 32 GB. It turns out, built-in storage in 2 times more. In the first case, RAM 2 GB, and the second is already 3Gb. Buy these smartphones will price a little more than 3 thousand UAH. You can pay attention to other Chinese manufacturer Meizu. It produces gadgets in low and medium price range. For example, the well-proven model Meizu M2 note. Over 3.5 thousand UAH will be able to buy Meizu M5 32 GB.


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