Cases with socks - a handy purchase for the year

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In the men's wardrobe quickly all things wear out socks. To problems with the acquisition of the new pair did not arise during the year, we offer to stock up on a case in which invested 100 pairs of identical socks of the right size. All products are made from natural fibres that do not break and do not stain feet. And thanks to special processing of the material such accessories can be repeatedly washed and worn about 4 months.

Best zakupowe many customers of the online store Stok-Nosok appreciated the benefits of such procurement. The site is proposed factory products without extra charges and overpayments. Online you can purchase:
  • lightweight bamboo and cotton socks;
  • warm woolen model;
  • options sporting goods.

About how to procure and deliver products more advise managers of the marketplace.

The proposed assortimentnaja offered socks black (classic) colors of several models.
Wear-resistant and durable cotton are considered in the model. Products are pleasant to touch and well drawn with the correct ratio of natural and synthetic fibers. The material used is different:
  • hygroscopicity;
  • not podparyvajut leg;
  • eliminates odors from shoes;
  • does not cause irritation.

This case is an affordable value that will not appear on the buyer's budget.

For the winter period it is recommended that the case with woolen goods. These socks are perfectly warm and keeping you warm. While models are thin viscous, allowing you to wear socks with any shoes. Wool products are not slipping and are resistant to repeated washing.

The relative novelty of the considered sets of bamboo. Established in Belarus, the production of viscose is allowed to make a reasonable cost, hosiery products, while maintaining product quality. The proposed model is perfectly breathable and keeping you warm, though a little more expensive than other products.

We accept orders for minimum cases filled with 30 large pairs and 100 pairs. Products delivered in all cities and regions of the country. Worked with private customers and wholesale customers.


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