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Automotive batteries of different capacity and all sizes are offered in the online store Best AKB. The range includes attended and unattended models. All the detailed characteristics of the desirable positions described in the card product. Also read more here, you can read the terms of purchase.

Proposed model a large assortment and continuous supply of present model battery from manufacturers from Germany, Italy, Korea. Also adequately represented domestic TM "Tyumen", Start, Erginex.

Customers are offered:
  • modern maintenance-free model with lead-calcium batteries;
  • models that require partial service;
  • fully serviced, battery lead-armenistic batteries.

Maintenance-free model can operate for up to 5 years and fully depend on the frequency of operation of the vehicle. Also, the service life is affected by the environment in which is operated a motor vehicle.
The latter two options are the most affordable cost, but can be in service up to 3 years. In this case the owners of such batteries will have to constantly monitor the fluid level in the banks.

Any of the presented models have high build quality, and ability to work in conditions of high vibration.

Best buy collaboration with online store Best AKB was more pleasant, customers are invited to exchange your old battery for a service of free delivery of new battery. This battery can fit for any kind of vehicles:
  • sedans and trucks;
  • SUVs;
  • scooters and motorcycles;
  • boats or boats;
  • machinery.

With the selection model will help professional counselors. For this you will need to know the dimensions of the battery, characteristics of the terminals and the recommended capacity. The latter parameter is usually specified in the registration certificate of the vehicle.

Installation battery can be ordered in the current service. The work is done by a qualified mechanic, having issued a guarantee on the installation. This will save the driver from the dirty work or the necessity of finding a suitable car service.

Service and affordable prices distinguish the Best AKB shop from the competitors. Customers always receive the attention they deserve, starting with a consultation before choosing a battery.



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