Spectacular "galactic" flowers

Plants have different shapes, colors, patterns and sizes, very often it happens that watching them, you think that they are more than just flowers, bushes or trees. And in nature there is only one flower that brought the image of what represents nature to a new level — it's Petunia, "Night Sky" (Night sky), which has a purple color of the petals, which are dotted with white spots, reminiscent of many celestial bodies.

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The plant, which is known as Petunia, is the space of markings, resembling a starry sky. This feature of the flower, which has a height of about 40 cm and has a flowering period during spring and summer, attracted by these botanists and Amateur gardeners.

What causes those incredible patterns? According to "Burpee": "the Big difference between day and night temperatures causes a temporary white color, which appears on the flowers". So to get your flowers were as beautiful as in the photos below, you should track the temperature in the room where they are growing: in the afternoon the thermometer should be at around 37 degrees Celsius, but at night temperaturka should be much lower, at around 10 degrees Celsius.

Eighty five million six hundred eighty three thousand nine hundred seventy one

Fifty three million nine hundred ten thousand seven hundred thirteen

Twenty three million one hundred forty eight thousand seven hundred three

Twelve million two hundred nine thousand six hundred ninety three

Eighty five million ninety two thousand six hundred seventy eight

Seven million eight hundred forty four thousand six hundred fifty one

Forty four million six hundred fifty thousand seven hundred sixty seven

Eighty seven million seven hundred thirty six thousand nine hundred sixty one

Thirty one million two hundred three thousand six hundred forty one

Ninety seven million nine hundred twenty nine thousand twenty five

Three million two hundred seventy four thousand nine hundred ninety six

Seventy million six hundred three thousand six hundred seventeen

Seventy three million seven hundred fourteen thousand one hundred twenty

Thirteen million four hundred ninety seven thousand one hundred ten

Forty one million nine hundred seventy three thousand eight hundred seventy five

Ninety seven million nine hundred fifty three thousand four hundred eighty eight

Fifteen million four hundred thirty six thousand eight hundred sixty


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