Air conditioning is harmful, and without it hot? You out this simple trick!

Hot days are getting closer. In this weather the fan is an essential thing. Home air conditioning is even better, but what about when even a reluctance to move, and to breathe the air that passes through air, it is unpleasant?


In this case, come to the aid of savvy and simple available materials. A little knowledge of physics does not hurt, but this task the editors of "Site" for you have decided.


Now you know how with minimum expenses of time and money to cool the air in the room. Ah, this fan a breeze!

How to make Ventilatoren need
  • 6 plastic bottles
  • a sheet of plastic or cardboard packaging
  • stationery knife
  • cable ties
  • silicone adhesive
  • 1 fan

  1. Take bottle. 376f2ee36e.jpg

  2. Cut off the top part of the line labels. 9714845142.jpg

  3. Take off the cover. 062958a0bf.jpg

  4. You should get six of such halves. 9fea79dd7a.jpg

  5. Take a sheet of cardboard or plastic. Procenti it round. The circle should be the same diameter as the diameter of the blades of your fan. 22f420616a.jpg

  6. Carefully cut out circle on drawn line. Watch your fingers! 3a9b9983a2.jpg

  7. The resulting draw on the basis of six smaller circles — here will be attached the bottle. Make sure they are placed symmetrically. a790a8ab96.jpg

  8. Cut along the contour of each of the circles. 79d8a943c1.jpg


  9. Here's what you should get. cc597518ed.jpg

  10. In each circle put the cut part of the bottle and fix them from the inside with tape so they do not move during bonding. e86642ccbf.jpg


  11. Secure bottle with hot. You can use a glue gun and stick of glue, heated over a candle or a lighter. Not exactly safe, but glue guns don't have to buy. 565138e826.jpg

  12. Do like these two holes between each pair of bottles and stretch them through the cable ties. c8dadacac3.jpg

  13. Finished base add to the fan. 7e92570fb1.jpg


  14. Ties attach the base to the grid of the fan. 2adea9b9b2.jpg

  15. Cut off the excess tails. 02f4a641ce.jpg

  16. This is what happens in the end. 704b25b33a.jpg

  17. The principle of operation of such a self-made fan following. f8c8030844.jpg

  18. The initial temperature in the room. dbeb85290e.jpg

  19. After 10 seconds, once earned a fan. 5b21e2ed90.jpg

If you think that it is better to see once, than ten times to read, keep detailed videos with full instructions. Only this video in English. But everything is clear without words!

As you can see, the device works flawlessly. Of course, in order to lower the temperature of the air in the whole house, will need more time, but the benefits of this invention are undeniable! Be sure to share with friends is such a useful life skill and get to work immediately.

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