The first lady of America to foreign tour: 15 stunning images of Melania trump. Impeccable taste!

Donald trump has many opponents, but his wife admired all over the world. Melania Trump looks simply stunning in his later years, and most importantly, she has impeccable taste. Perhaps, it is one of the most exciting first lady of America.

Twenty eight million four hundred sixty eight thousand two hundred thirty one

The Melania can safely assume that a new trendsetter, since the outfits in which she appears, sold out at lightning speed. She proudly accompanied her husband in his first official foreign tour as President of the United States. The trip became another occasion to show elegant sense of style.

The first lady proved that official business style may be very feminine and sexy. Edition «Site» prepared for you a selection of some of her spectacular and stylish business images.

Business style for women
  1. The style Safari is always considered a pleasure, but to the dress of this beauty is not to undermine. It is fine for an official visit.
    Fifty two million five hundred ninety seven thousand one hundred sixty two

  2. The combination of black with gold itself looks noble. Strict jumpsuit with bright accent looks very feminine and at the same time.
    Ninety three million one hundred fifty eight thousand two hundred thirty four

  3. Doll mid-length dress in bright colours is noteworthy. This outfit is very refreshing and youthful.
    Fourteen million seven hundred thirty three thousand five hundred seventeen

  4. No need to be afraid of bright colors at official meetings. The fuchsia color is very relevant this summer.
    Five million four hundred ninety thousand two hundred twelve

  5. How do you like this combination? Bright leather pencil skirt and modest blouse did the trick. On the one hand it's pretty damning, and on the other strictly.
    Fifty one million two hundred thirty two thousand three hundred thirty two

  6. Beige suit of thin leather called a storm of delight of fashion critics and fans of Melania. It perfectly complement the shoes with the animal print.
    Nineteen million six hundred ninety thousand three hundred thirty three

  7. The President's wife cannot go unnoticed. Glittering dress fashion colors and textures has made her release a memorable one.
    Eighty nine million fifty four thousand six hundred ninety four

  8. Every business woman should have in their Arsenal a simple beige dress. It can be combined with anything your heart desires. Take note of the duet with this colorful coat.
    Eighteen million sixty five thousand two hundred seventy four

  9. When his love for geeky (in a good way) outfits, the Vatican Melania decided not to disturb the local traditions and appeared in a simple black lace dress and veil. This great outfit emphasized her beauty.
    Fifty six million one hundred sixty two thousand one hundred eighteen

  10. One similar outfit caused a real sensation, and since there was such a celebrity.
    Sixty nine million one hundred fifty five thousand eight hundred sixty seven

  11. Strict cut, small cells that sounds boring. But this kit looks flawless.
    Thirty five million eight hundred sixty one thousand six hundred seventy nine

  12. In Italy, the beauty appeared in a flimsy dress with a floral print. A very summer look.
    Ninety six million one hundred eighteen thousand five hundred eighty nine

  13. Lace decorates any woman. Bodycon dress mid-calf flattering perfect figure, but it looks very restrained.
    Seventy one million two hundred sixty seven thousand eight hundred eight

  14. Again and bright colors. Generosity in its purest form.
    Forty six million two hundred sixteen thousand one hundred twenty nine

  15. Red monoloc will be very relevant sometime in the fall.
    Twenty two million forty four thousand one

From Melania trump is indeed a very good taste. Glad that it is business style in a new light. Share interesting selection with their friends in social networks!

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