R. Mirzaev (Black Tiger) release to freedom

Athlete Rasul Mirzaev, who was responsible for the death of a student in Moscow, rescues from behind bars.
With such a request to the court addressed a group of deputies and athletes. As a result, Mirzayev was released on bail of 5 million rubles.
However, he will remain in custody until the entire amount is not received on account of the court.

"We want the application to adduce a number of deputies of the State Duma, members of the Sambo Federation and the Association of Election Night Fight Mirzaev preventive measure not involving deprivation of liberty" - quoted lawyer Alexei Mirzaeva Gribenskogo.

In addition, the site Zamoskvoreche court in which the action is pending, it is similar to a petition by the People's Assembly of Dagestan.
The Court has attached the material to the case.

The defendant's lawyer also asked to release him on bail of 3 million rubles., Who are willing to friends and relatives. "If he will be released, it will change to make amends both morally and financially", - assured his speech defender Mirzaeva.

Later Zamoskvoretskiy Moscow court decided to release on bail Rasul Mirzaev, but not three, and 5 million rubles.
The athlete will remain in custody until the entire amount is not received on account of the court before August 25, 18:00.

According to "Moskovsky Komsomolets", business Mirzaeva may reclassify a lighter article - 109 of the Criminal Code ("Causing death by negligence"). According to her athlete faces a maximum of two years imprisonment. Currently, he is charged under Part. 4 tbsp. 111 ("Intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm"), the maximum penalty for which is 15 years.

The tragedy occurred on the evening of August 13. Student Ivan Agafonov vacationing with friends in the club "Garage" and went outside, where he began to roll the toy car. According to the friends of the deceased, he drove her to the girl Mirzayev. Further versions of the injured party and the accused diverge.

Mirzayev told the court that Agafonov insulted her. "My girlfriend is not a prostitute, to offer her shoot," - said the athlete.
This was confirmed by his girlfriend by the name of Allah.

"It was a direct insult by Ivan in my address. The guy was drunk, came up and said he just wanted me to take off. At the site of Rasul any other person would be even some of my friends would have reacted the same way to the insult. But no one wanted to kill! When Rasul made it clear that the girl with him and said, "Maybe you and me then snimesh?" The boy replied, "It will be necessary - and you take off" - gave it their dialogue.

Friends of Ivan and his family say that everything was different. In their version, Agafonov just jokingly offered the girl a ride on toy cars. For her, said Mirzayev. "He turned to Ivan and asked:" What do you want? "He replied:" Lady ride I want. " What Rasul said: "You got me drive!" - "Sit down!" - The student replied.

Anyway, Mirzayev hit Agafonov, and he fell, bumping his head on the asphalt. The victim was taken to hospital, where he died on the night of August 18, without regaining consciousness. During the trial lawyers Mirzaeva pointed out that there is still not determined why it died Agafonov. In addition, the athlete himself came to confess, but in court, he said that he was sorry about what happened, and apologized to the family of the deceased.

Relatives Agafonova, in turn, emphasized that Mirzayev had to restrain myself. "His killer - a professional athlete, he knows his abilities and strength, why he did not control himself? One blow killed the boy, crippled all our lives, "- said the" MK "Tatiana Agafonova, mother of the deceased.


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