Tokomak Energy launched the newest reactor

The company's specialists Tokomak Energy, based in Oxford, UK, produced the first runs and obtained high-temperature plasma in the thermonuclear experimental reactor ST40. According to preliminary calculations, the reactor, which is the most perfect reactor in the UK today, will be able to heat the plasma to a temperature of 100 million degrees. This temperature is above the temperature in the center of the Sun seven times and it will be enough to initiate and maintain a stable controlled reaction of thermonuclear synthesis.

The following steps specialists Tokomak Energy will be completing the installation of a full set of coils of the electromagnets. This will help to heat the plasma inside the reactor ST40 to the temperature of 15 million degrees, the temperature of matter in the center of the Sun. And according to the plans of company management, this temperature should be obtained as early as this fall.

Note that the "roots" of the company Tokomak Energy grow from the laboratory of Kalhama (Culham Laboratory), which is one of the world's leading institution in conducting research of nuclear fusion and where is the JET reactor, one of the most powerful tokamak in the world today.


As in other tokamaks, reactor ST40 works using a magnetic field generated by the electromagnets. Only in this case, using electromagnets with windings of high-temperature superconducting material (high temperature superconducting, HTS). Thanks to the use of such materials magnets do not require cryogenic cooling and huge amounts of energy for its operation, which in turn allowed engineers to create a very compact installation with high efficiency.

In conclusion it should be noted that the reactor ST40 is not the first reactor, which is created in Tokomak Energy. Previous reactor, ST25, which was already second, is the world's first tokamak, which uses magnets of high temperature superconductors. And this reactor in 2015 set a world record by holding the high temperature plasma in the chamber continuously for 29 hours. published


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