Method of production of 10 terawatts of energy from sunlight by 2030

Annual solar energy potential far exceeds the annual energy consumption worldwide, but unfortunately, to obtain all its energy is impossible.

Scientists from the National laboratory of renewable energy of Ministry of energy of the USA and their colleagues from similar institutions in Japan and Germany, together with researchers from universities and the industrial sector assessed the potential of photovoltaics and evaluated potential world way of electricity generation due to the Sun in scientific article Terawatt-Scale Photovoltaics: Trajectories and Challenges.

Ninety million nine hundred twenty three thousand four hundred thirty three

57 of experts met in Germany in March 2016 at the meeting of the Global Alliance of research institutes of solar energy (GA-SERI), where they discussed what policy initiatives and technological advances needed to support and grow the use of solar energy in the next 20 years.

The main attention was focused on the development of large-scale storage technologies, which could compete with hydropower.

Ninety one million five hundred sixteen thousand four hundred seventy five

Located in Dublin the company Gaelectric has received 90 million euros support from the European Union for a project on the development of energy storage system, compressed air (CAES), which needs to be built in Larne, East Antrim, on the Northern Irish coast.

Project CAES Larne, which should be completed in 2022, will generate up to 330 MW of power for 6 hours. Being developed in conjunction with the company Dresser-Rand, it will store compressed air in two caves located in salt deposits under the ground. If necessary, the air is re-heated by natural gas and, by extension, to drive the turbine.

Fossil fuels are not forever. Renewable energy — solar, wind, biomass, hydropower and others will exist as long as we live and even after. That's why researchers are so focused on the development of alternative sources of electricity. published  


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