The important thing is that parents miss in raising children

The important thing is that parents miss in raising a child they don't know how to be happy themselves and do not know how to build relationships that would be an example for your child.

Because raise is not the word – raising live experience. If the parent is realized in life, he really happy, if father and mother have a very deep, respectful, trusting relationship, real friendship, mutual aid – if it is, then the child naturally follows this example.


For example, if a parent made a mistake – and we will always make some mistakes in this world - we are imperfect, and then the parent approached the child and said, "Please excuse me, I was wrong," this teaching is stronger than a thousand words of truth that I speak. In this case, the parent teaches the child: "I am a pupil and you are the same student in the world. You're going to make mistakes, but keep the honesty, sincerity to recognize them in front of other people. Keep that courage, sensitivity to others, to understand what caused their pain, some discomfort". When a parent shows his weakness, his imperfection, the child and asks for forgiveness – it is the best training that can only be.

We often think that education, education is kind of the perfect platform, a perfect personality, which translates perfect knowledge. But it's not the platform of life, it is a platform of some delusion, ideas.

There is no life. This means that the child will not learn anything. Because if the authority is infallible, then where is my freedom of choice? This means that I have to follow the instruction which says to me this infallible authority.

If I just stupidly followed the instructions, then I can not develop the mind, intuition, I can't Express my own opinion, their creativity. There is no development. When we say that the teacher, parent – is the perfect person, we do not give the child space to develop. From the very beginning you have to understand that I'm not perfect, and used words like dangerous for myself and the child I'm raising.

Life is mistakes. And the real experience of life when we make mistakes, let us admit it, confess to others, ask forgiveness if I caused pain. So developing people. published

Author: Oleg Gadetsky

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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