All this time you're fed up of orchids incorrectly! Pay attention to one detail...

Orchid — tropical plant, which eventually became a frequent guest on our window sills. In vivo green beauty extracts nutrients from humid air and from the tree on which it grows. At home the Orchid can't get adequate nutrition, so occasionally it needs to be fed. Unlike other houseplants, orchids need special fertilizers and special chart of their receipt.

Than fertilize орхидею

Food orchids should be balanced. You can't use complex homemade mixtures: need to buy fertilizer designed specifically for epiphytes. Successful zetoobraznoj orchids provide three chemical elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. All of them are necessarily present in special fertilizers, but their percentage is different.

To orchids please lush with blooms and lush foliage, follow this simple schedule of feeding.

  1. Fertilizer with a high nitrogen content
    Nitrogen is necessary for the Orchid to increase the leaves and their normal development. No foliage feeding area is reduced and the plant survives. In the spring, when the flower is stepping up the leaves, apply fertilizer with a high nitrogen content.

  2. Fertilizer with high potassium content
    Potassium ensures a full exchange of substances in plant tissues, and is responsible for photosynthesis and immunity of plants. When the flower is most susceptible to attack by pests (summer), apply a fertilizer with a high potassium content.

  3. Fertilizer with a high phosphorus content
    Phosphorus affects the formation of flower stalks and blooming flowers. When forming the flower buds (autumn), orchids need a lot of phosphorus.

Feeding can be carried out as root and foliar (through the leaves). To flowers used to feeding, fertilize it it is necessary gradually.

And you schedule fertilizer orchids? Don't forget to share your experience in the comments!

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