The Golden rules of survival for the therapist

These rules of "survival therapy" based on the personal experience of the therapist:

1. Remember that you don't know anything about the client, and he knows everything about himself.

2. His idea of what the client is going to immediately stick it somewhere (e.g. in a table).

3. Immediately, I'd lose the idea that you're the same person who will change the destiny of the client.

4. Always remember that the outcome of therapy depends on the client, and only from him. Do you even really spoil can't do anything.



5. Leave outside the door their problems, the client came to us to solve their. The only thing you have to remember is about your pain, it won't allow you to forget about the pain of the client.

6.Psychologist just a craft, not a mission. There is always a skill better, so learn. Sometimes teaching others is a good way to learn. But never your client cannot be your disciple. He is your teacher.

7. Read fiction, watch movies, go to concerts, go skiing. Half of your time should be out of work.

8. Fall in love and do stupid things. Remember that your mistakes is the best thing you can do for the client.

9.Never put off the problems of their loved ones because of work. It is better to cancel a session with a client who is in acute depression than to postpone the trip to school if your child has trouble.

10. Your clients should know about your stupidity, blunders and outright failures. Anyone don't need a perfect therapist.

11. You have to be friends, not having any relation to psychology. Some of them have to laugh at you because of your clever psychological thoughts.

12.Always have a supply of money, to be able to quit work and go on vacation.

13. Don't think you're a good therapist and good someone else a specialist (businessman, salesman, lawyer, etc.). This profession is jealous and demands all of you. But you always have to be a real idea who you are, if you drop out of psychotherapy.

14.A lot of travel. There is nothing that pushes the boundaries of thinking as the experience of another life.

15. Don't plan to get rich in this profession. If you earn much more than colleagues at your level, so you became a trader. To our knowledge, there is always a demand. But it is not psychotherapy.

16. Don't live in need it game.

17. You have to have colleagues with whom you can discuss your difficulties and get support.

18.If you become completely happy, change the job. The world is full of good professions in which you can place.


19.You're transparent, so do not hide and do not fear. Psychological cellulite have all your co-workers.

20.Competing, for it is one of the best ways of motivation. But don't be jealous, your customers will come to you, not your still gone. published


Author: Anna Dalit

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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