3 main trends of solar energy in 2017

For 2017, the amount of electricity from alternative sources, which is produced in the US will grow 80%. Last year, the production of green energy in the U.S. increased to 13.9 GW due to both large businesses and private individuals. the Total capacity of solar plants to 2,000 different objects made up of 1,100 MW.

Also the panels installed more than a million homeowners in the United States for personal use. While 2017 will present its surprises. Market analysts have identified the main ones.

1) So the cost of solar panels will continue to fall. They will become more affordable than in 2016. This is due to the fact that significantly dropped in price the cost of manufacturing batteries. Thus, solar energy will be sufficiently profitable investment.

2) Also in 2017 will continue to evolve solar panels. The company Sunflare bragged of their "sticky and flexible" panels that can be used as building roofs and walls. These panels showed itself as more environmentally friendly. The appearance of the panels, despite all the delights that were presented in 2016, will continue to significantly change.

3) More available in 2017 followed by the panels will be the storage of green energy. Presumably the price of lithium-ion batteries could fall by up to 30 per cent for the year.

As a result, the experts predict that 2017 will be a record for alternative energy sources. published


Source: solarpanels.com.ua/news/3-glavnykh-trenda-solnechnoj-energetiki-v-2017-godu/


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