Table composter: recycle organic waste into excellent fertilizer

Anyone who would like to grow a good crop, certainly, thought about the garden composter is a device that allows you to recycle organic waste and to obtain excellent fertilizer. Interesting and household composter, created by designer from Poland Aley Sarackoy.

Every day, every family produced a large amount of debris. 30-50% is organic kitchen waste, which are obtained in the process of cooking food. Thrown in the trash, they go to landfills with household waste, where they begin to rot and pollute the nature. I set a goal to create a compact and efficient device is primarily intended for use in the usual city apartment.

The designer, based on the principle of "country" punch, managed to make the desktop version, designed for the production of small quantities of organic fertilizer. According to Ali, the composter is useful to those who are busy growing house plants or decided to plant a mini garden on the balcony.

The device, resembling enamel pot, made of aluminium and be machined on a lathe out of balsa blanks.

On top of the composter lid, which drilled hundreds of small holes for air access.

The bottom of the composter also has the holes necessary to drain the water into a special container.

To start the composter, the user needs to put in the bottom a sheet of newspaper, fill the earth, then pour some water, add pieces of paper, and worms, and close the lid.

Worms help to recycle organic matter and thereby significantly accelerate the process of decomposition.To feed the composter, put it cleaning, remaining after cutting fruit or vegetables, you can also add crushed eggshells. Then all covered with layers of cut paper.

To avoid rotting and unpleasant smell in the compost don't add meat and fish leftovers, or dairy products.Once the compost is ready, Ala takes it and uses as an additive for plants.

The water that is drained into the tank, also used for watering plants.

Composting is a fascinating process that does not require large investments or complicated equipment. I think that this composter looks more interesting than the usual box of plastic, and it will attract to the home gardening growing number of people, especially in Metropolitan areas. published




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