Fertilizer for houseplants

Most of us, especially women, are very fond of plants. They are not only pleasing to our eyes, but also produce such life-giving for humans oxygen. As animals, flowers require special attention and care. In order to grow beautiful and healthy, it is necessary from time to time give the plants need fertilizer. Of course, we can buy all the necessary useful substances at the store, but why pay for something that we often throw away in the trash.

Not so long ago our parents collected things that podzhivit flower, and now, with the advent of synthetic drugs we've given up asking. But organic waste is a much healthier, cheaper and most importantly artificial additives. As strange as it may sound, but a good fertilizer are the decoctions of vegetables that are well nourish the roots. When vivaria vegetables for salad, do not rush to pour cook water in the sink, and use it for irrigation.

No less nutritious remedy is orange peel. Crushed zest you just need to add to the ground, and dry very effectively used as drainage. Well, how can we underestimate the quality of ash as fertilizer. Most of all, it is used when planting plants. In addition to all the useful qualities, ash still and decontaminate the plant and let it rot. A very good impact on soil have tea and coffee. The remains of the drinks can be laid out on the ground, after which it will become looser, and therefore more oxygen-rich.

Feeding sugar is also welcome in our business. Moreover, the sugar can be diluted with water, and just pour in a pot of flowers. In the period of flowering and fruiting the plant loves "profit" castor oil. One teaspoon of oil diluted in one liter of water. The mixture must be very well shaken and fertilizer ready. But in the case of fertilizer it is important to have a measure. After all, if you frequently make the plants podziwu, it can hurt more than help.

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