Indian school figured out how to make education available to everyone

In the Indian state of Chhattisgarh is the village of Ambikapur, where is not an ordinary school. Tuition paid, but the money is not taken: instead parents please... to plant trees.

Every adult is with your child should plant at least one sapling and take care of him until he recovers. If the tree does not take root and die, in its place you need to put a new one.

This initiative was proposed by local businessmen. The main goal was not only to make education available to everyone, but to teach future generations to respect nature.

Now the school has 35 children aged 4-5 years, and last year was planted more than 700 trees.

"We hope that we will take the example of the neighbouring villages and even cities. After all, this should be a real school!" — locals say.

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