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Laurel is a wonderful decoration of apartments and offices. However, its main purpose is use in cooking as a spice. It is less whimsical to conditions of growth than lemon or other plants can grow on the North window, although in good light grows more lush Bush — forms more shoots and leaves.

Laurel is propagated by cuttings semilignified. Take cuttings with 3-4 leaves, lower 1-2 leaves removed and remaining leaves if they are large, to reduce moisture evaporation is cut half. The best time for rooting — early spring, at the beginning of the spring revival of plants. The cuttings will root better, form a more branched root system, if before rooting the cutting to hold a day in a solution of IAA, plunging only 2-3 cm.

For rooting, take a flower pot with a diameter of 10-12 cm, fill with loose fertile soil. It is slightly compacted, leveled and poured on top of the calcined sand with a layer of 4 cm of the Stalk vertically stuck in the sand at a depth of 3.5 cm, so that the lower part of the stem only a little not reach the soil. For best contact sand around the cutting lightly compress your fingers.

Put the pot in a warm place with a temperature of +22+26 C and to create a high humidity is served in half-liter jar. Within 15-20 days the handle of the spray gun sprayed with water first, 4-5 times a day, gradually reducing the number of sprayings.

In the technology of propagation through 1-1,5 months the roots are formed. When the plant is well established and reaches a height of 10-12 cm, pinch out the tip. Then Laurel begins to branch. The plants are transplanted into bigger dishes every 3 years, increasing the diameter of the cookware 3-4 cm

Laurel does not tolerate acidic soil, so before transplanting the soil pre-mixed with a small amount (5-10 g) of lime.

The growth and development of the plant by trimming cause branching. Pruning carried out in early summer, shortening the young shoots in early June.

Like any houseplant, Laurel every 15-20 days fed a solution of mullein.


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The leaves of the Laurel room can be used as a spice since the end of the second year, cutting or pinching off the shoots and leaves as required.

The leaves can be cut and dry in the winter, it is believed that the leaves of the winter cutting better flavor, more essential oils.

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