Reliable way to make people believe what is not true

If something seems familiar, we assume that it is correct. Fast, nesoznanke thinking gives a sense of the familiar, and slow, deliberate thinking on the basis of this feeling decides whether the statement is true. All that facilitates the work of the associative mechanism, distorts the rating.

Frequent repetition is a reliable way to make people believe what is not true, because to distinguish between truth and a sense of something familiar is not easy.

Authoritarian regimes and marketers have long know about this, but psychologists have found that the likelihood does not even have to repeat the statement completely.

If you have often heard the words "the body temperature of a chicken", you are easier to accept for the truth of the statement "the body temperature of a chicken is equal to 62 degrees".


Psychological technique 10/10/10 will help to make a difficult decision

Desire deferred = deferred kilograms


If you can't remember how you know that, and I can not relate the statement with the other known facts, you are left with a feeling of cognitive ease, stating that somewhere you have something similar already heard.

The feeling of "the past" indicate that there is a previous experience, which in reality was not. published

Daniel Kahneman, from the book "Think slowly... decide quickly"





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