The water tower in the country: what you need to know

The water tower in the country, is not always advantageous and expedient solutions to ensure your home and garden with the necessary amount of moisture. A device of this construction will be justified, if the need for watering needs on larger areas, or require high consumption of water for conducting private livestock farms.

Also a good solution to this would be for those owners where frequent disconnection of water or electricity, and the need of water supply of the house and HOMESTEAD land is required permanently.

How to arrange the water tower, are there clear calculations and drawings, and how to calculate the optimal tower design is the basis of your needs, I will try to explain in this article.

Construction of a water tower in the suburban area be advisable for those owners, in a plot which already has a borehole. In this case, the construction of the tower will allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses of electricity and to save time on watering plants or provide water to animals.
The question naturally arises how to calculate the required parameters of the construction. Let's start with that.

The calculation of system parametersIf the area is well connected with the pump device of the water tower is reduced to the gravitational device, hydraulic system, arranged on the principle of communicating vessels between them.

For example, there is a need to water the garden or vegetable garden, and fill the water-troughs for animals. If you take the height of drinking bowls about a meter, and for watering planting areas, use the hose which you'll hold in your hands, and while the pipe system is divided into several branches, it is necessary to correctly calculate not only the volume of the tank but also the height at which it needs to be installed.

To calculate the necessary reserves of water, and therefore the volume of capacity for its storage can for several days to install a well meter its flow, and to the obtained value to add approximately one fifth.

Since the pressure in the system depends not only on the height of the tank, but the range of application of the water resource, the calculation should be carried out with the necessary movement of water. There is a direct relationship — the need to move water up to 15 meters requires lifting the tank by 1 meter. The cross section of the pipeline is also necessary to take into account.

Back to our example. We need to raise the stream to a height of approximately 1 meter. And if drinkers the height of the tower should be 2 meters 70 centimeters, enough for watering smaller height. Therefore, given the small supply tank should be raised to a height of about three meters.
The cross section of the pipeline in this case should not be less than 50 mm, because it is able to provide performance on the order of thousands of liters per minute.

The choice of tankAny strict requirements on the choice of reservoir for the water tower does not exist. Usually used for this purpose several options:

  • Eurocup;
  • Homemade tank;
  • Barrels.
Eurocup is a container with a volume of one cubic meter. This capacity has a metal frame, which provides the necessary strength, as well as all necessary for our purpose the hole. Such containers, if necessary, may be installed on top of each other.


Also used as a tank and homemade design, welded from sheets of metal reinforced with ribs. This tank is used less often because not everyone can weld properly, and secondly, the metal quickly oxidizes. Accordingly, the tank doesn't have a very long lifespan.

And of course, often used as a water tank coupled barrels. They are not expensive, but to buy them is problematic because these containers are in high demand, especially in the summer community. published




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