First electric Seat will appear in 2019

Seat company will release its first model with a fully electric propulsion in 2019.

It is not known whether to build a Seat a brand new model or create an electrical modification of the Ateca crossover or hatchback Leon.

In 2010, Seat presented at the Geneva motor show conceptual coupe electric Ibe based on "Ibiza". The prototype was equipped with an electric motor developing 102 horsepower and 200 Nm of torque, and a set of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 18 kilowatt-hours. Coupe able to gain "hundreds" of 9.7 seconds, and its maximum speed is 160 kilometers per hour. Maximum speed — 130 km.

It is also known that the company has no plans to build hybrid models as the development of such machines would be too expensive at this stage.

The first electric car of the Spanish brand will appear about a year after the debut of the small crossover, which will stand on the step below SUV Ateca. According to preliminary data, the novelty will receive the name Arona. It will build on the base model of the next-generation Ibiza, which, in turn, will form a modular chassis MQB Volkswagen.

In addition, the Spaniards considered developing a large flagship SUV, but this project has not yet received a green light from the leadership of the company. published




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