10 substances for which the laws of physics don't work

Scientists — modern magicians that show in the laboratories of the magic, refuting the laws of physics. "Smart" materials change shape under the influence of the external environment, transform from a gas into a solid or frozen metal at high temperature.

The website has collected 9 miracle substances to show you: the future is now.

Hydrophobic materials

Magical coating that protects from water, dirt and other fluids, created on the basis of nano — silica and titanium. The novelty did not stay in the labs and in active use as a hydrophobic sprays and gels for clothing, shoes, tablecloths, building materials and even for the purification of sea water.

Gas holding items like water

Hexafluoride or sulfur hexafluoride, is 5 times heavier than air. He does not escape from the vessel and holds light items. Now you know how to create a floating effect. The hexafluoride has another fun feature — lowering his voice to a bass. Breathe it, and you sound like Darth Vader.

Metal that melts in your hands

We know about liquid metals with the physics lessons, but metals melt at body temperature, — something new. The miracles do not end there: in hot water the subjects from gallium melt on the eyes.

Contact with gallium aluminum becomes brittle — take care of the iPhone. But even this fragile material in the form of alloy used in the sphere of high technologies.

Exploding powder

The nitride of the triode and the fulminate of silver has not yet found industrial application. These powders are dangerous even to carry: they explode when struck or pushed and turn into a cloud of bright smoke. Impressive, but useless.

The metal memory

Items made of nitinol — an alloy of titanium and Nickel is able to "remember" its original shape and return to it when heated. I used a memory!

The programmable tree

Who would have thought that among "smart" materials will be... a tree! Experts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology with 4D printing (which is a miracle!) has created a wooden plate that accepts a predetermined shape when wet.

Hot ice

Actually it is sodium acetate, which is converted from liquid to crystal at the slightest impact. Outwardly indistinguishable from ordinary ice, even the patterns on the surface is. But in fact it's warm. This material is hidden in the chemical warmers.


Material used in medicine: able to change size under the influence of temperature. It seems that he is alive!

Self-healing materials

A miracle substance beyond the damage already being used in the coatings of smartphones, building materials and medicine. The secret is in microcapsules with bacteria, which are activated in case of damage and fill in the cracks with their waste products. Someday, our roads will be asphalt.

Super-tough material, which is 7.5 times lighter than air

Aerogel is an innovative material based on graphene, which has unique properties: it is solid, transparent, heat resistant and extremely does not miss the heat. Its density is only 1.5 times greater than the density of air is 500 times less than the density of water. And one of the most expensive materials: a piece the size of your palm costs about $100.

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