The more howling of the suffering of the young, the less opportunities for real teen

That teenage, "transition" age is an extremely complex and difficult time, it is considered an axiom requiring no proof. Doctors talk about the difficulties of growing organism, psychologists tell us about the riot of hormones, and it turns out that Teens in crisis — inevitable and by the very nature.

The teenager just has to be rude to the parents, to get involved in different subcultures, to go from deepest despair to carefree gaiety, a runaway, truant, in short, to stragety and to suffer foolishness of 12-13 years to adulthood. But it was not always so.

More precisely, they never did until the 20th century. Throughout the history of human civilization was never allocated a special transitional age. Were children and were adults.

In primitive society the transition from one group to another was done through the rite of initiation. Child 9-12 years had to go through difficult tests, after which it was considered adults with all the ensuing rights.
In Ancient Rome the young man received the toga — and with it the status of an adult is 14 years old. Girls could marry in 12 years. In practice, very early marriages are met not so often, but there is important approach: 14-15 Romans did not see the child with complex span, and quite adult. And 14-year-old behave like adults, and if any Caligula wore a dress and kissing in the gums with his horse, not because his age was such, but because he was a jerk :).

In the middle ages of 7-8 years simple kids worked in the field and began his career as apprentices, and 15-year-old heir to the throne was proclaimed king. The revival did not change anything: the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is not that they are teenagers, but the fact that they are from feuding families. A boy and a girl was entering adulthood, in fact, with the onset of puberty, and throwing and "find herself" they just didn't have the time. The mother of Juliet at her age already had 2 kids :).

Centuries passed, and the attitude of adolescence has not changed. 17-year-old Petrusha Grinev from "the Captain's daughter" by today's standards a high school student, but by the standards of the 18th century — overstayers home young master, who the beginning of a career for 3-4 years. But the fate of a real person, not a book of hero: General Paul Y. de Witte, member of the Patriotic war of 1812, he entered the military service at the age of 13 years old in 1809, and became a General at age 35. (By the way, he lived not so little — 68 years; it is to the argument, "then lived for 30 years, so before starting to grow").

Centuries of 14-17-year-old plowed into the field and have children, the military pulled the strap and stood at the bench, sailed on the ships and helped old people in the shops — and no hormonal riot did not disturb them :). Moreover, even in the first half of the 20th century, when in all civilized countries, overgrown children still sat at their desks, no one never heard about teenage crises and youth subcultures. And only after the Second world war, the process has begun: a "cult novel "the catcher in the rye", a special youth music and clothing, was born a special jargon.

Fashion was the theme of "generation gaps" and some unavailable to the average minds of youthful rebellion against the "philistinism", "hypocrisy", the hole in the donut :). As the mushrooms began to grow "teenage subculture" thesis, devoted to their study. Even the iron curtain has become an obstacle to global trends: everything that occurred in the 1960s and ' 70s in the West, in a few years appeared in the USSR. Especially loved the subject in the late Soviet Union, when he published a landmark film of Juris Pozdnikina "Easy to be young?" The film is incredibly boring and tight — told with unusual for Balts anguish about the well-fed idiots, the business of foolishness. Let go of the son in man's world! The men's education for menThese words— the worst curse a parent

While it is interesting that the more howling of the suffering of the young, the less opportunities in this world for a real teenager. There is some military service in the 13: all States not to leave one baby to 12 years. In Germany finish school at 19. And try to find work for a teenager 13-14 years: no such works. And work prohibited. To sit for hours of "Vkontakte" it is possible, to paint the bangs in the green can, blade to write "I Love Bob" on her arm — a work no-no, it's the children! They are still small, they have a complicated period. As a result of puberty is delayed by 10 years: according to the latest British scientists, it ends in 21. However, if youth according to who ends in 44, then anything should not be surprised.published




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