First boat-drones will appear in Amsterdam in 2017

In Amsterdam in 2017 will test unmanned boats that will transport people and cargo and, if necessary, to assemble the floating bridges. The project on creation of Autonomous public transport on the water is for five years, its implementation has allocated $27 million. In addition to the boats system will be created, which will allow you to monitor the health status of the population.

The length of the water canal is more than 100 miles, they penetrate about a quarter of the city, and the locals use them since the 17th century. Despite the challenges of unmanned buses, which should be the basis of Autonomous public transport, the city authorities do not disregard the historic waterway. The following year, the Amsterdam Institute of urban solutions (AMS) will start testing a fleet of Autonomous boats to transport people and cargo.

A five-year pilot program called Roboat will be carried out by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology and two Dutch universities — the Technological University of Delft and Wageningen University and research centre. For the project allocated €25 million ($27 million).

The first objective of the program is the creation of a prototype floating robotic vehicles that will run on the canals of Amsterdam in 2017. The boats look like little pontoons, which, if necessary, you can collect a temporary bridge, and then disassemble back.

In addition to the unmanned boat project involves the development of robots that will collect data for the study of the health status of the population. To collect information robots are using sensors installed in the sewer network. Data will be extracted from samples of waste of human activity, they will compose a map of the distribution of various diseases — from the flu to diabetes. These data allow to predict possible outbreaks and to identify other trends in health care.

In spite of all the experiments aimed at the development of Autonomous vehicles around the world in the near future, drones are unlikely to win the trust of the people so that they will cease to follow the movement and will go about their business during the trip, saving your time. published




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