Rescue Flashlight concept flashlight for special agent

Flashlight special agent for one or three tourists came up with the Korean designer Kim Seok Jin. The conceptual device called Rescue Flashlight is an indispensable companion of travelers where it can be dark and dangerous.

Such inventions would not refuse the 007, despite the fact that he was always armed to the teeth, having a lot of useful things. First, the flashlight allows him to lie perfectly in the hand, which is important. And secondly, Rescue Flashlight is not one, but three separate flashlight if the device is disassembled and divided into parts.
Great idea to share not only water and food with colleagues on a camping trip or expedition, but also light.

Besides Rescue Flashlight can glow with colored light. Green ring on its two parts allows to choose the color for the most common signals: warning, request for assistance, determining location or direction, and certainly the SOS signal.

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