10 gadgets for travelers

All technologies are used to at home and at work, but the special gadgets travelers often still remain undiscovered region, even for those who are tourism and leisure loves. Suppose they do not necessarily, but they can greatly simplify life.

Etón Axis

Eton Axis - beautiful and, more importantly, a small (162 x 168 x 54 mm) 3-in- 1 gadget for survival, including a LED flashlight, radio and charger. If the battery in the discharge unit, using the handle as a generator for the torsion moment you get another 15 minutes of work. The most pleasant - integrated USB-port, through which easily share charge Eton Axis with any other of your gadget.

Powerall Deluxe Portable Power Bank

Today it is no surprise the laptop battery, but the device - something completely different, though it can be attributed to the same category. The spectrum of possibilities Powerall Deluxe Power Bank really impressive:
1. Portable charger with adapters for all major devices like smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS-navigators, MP3-players, wireless headphones, and portable gaming systems.
2. Compact lighter, which when fully charged can start the engine of your car 20 times.
3. Ultra-bright LED flashlight, strobe and SOS signal for up to 120 hours.
4. Built-in protection against short circuit, overload, overcharging, and so on. D.
5. Miniature design, through which the device fits easily in your pocket or backpack.
6. Once fully charged, the charge lasts about 90 days, which is very convenient for traveling or even just for use as an emergency device for the home.

Virtual Laser Keyboard

The fact that not so long ago was a concept, it is already possible to buy at a more acceptable price. Take to the road small addition to any of your iOS / Android device, and prints on almost full-size keyboard anywhere and anytime. In addition to the practical benefits, such gadget can produce not weak to impress your friends and just random people.

Видео work .

AA battery, rechargeable by USB

We can not say that this novelty is needed only for travel, but pass by it all the same can not be. Say goodbye to the polluting disposable batteries. Much better and easier to use rechargeable batteries up to 500 times , and yet all the available power source.

CA7CH Lightbox

Successfully completed project on Kickstarter to create a very tiny and thus quality and reliable cameras and camcorders . Lightbox conveniently attaches to clothing or headgear, Stream video over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and even, if desired, immediately synchronized with the cloud.


Earin - the world's smallest wireless (Bluetooth) headphones, suitable for general use and for use in extreme conditions. Creators particularly focus on sound quality, size and amenities. Active noise control, unfortunately, no.

OffGrid Solar Backpack

And all that was above, you can throw in this comfortable backpack and charge as much time as it is light outside. A very useful thing when traveling out of town.

NoPoPo Water-Powered Mini Lantern and Flashlight Set

In existence подобного Device even believe difficult. What do you usually do when your flashlight ends charge? Buy batteries? To charge it? What if enough to pour water into it, cola, beer or even urine? Exactly. NoPoPo - flashlight that runs on water and holds a charge up to 10 years. More specifically, the water is poured into the shell itself is not the device, and in a special AA-battery and the same special "syringe", being part of. Rechargeable battery four times. I think I even do not need to say how indispensable a flashlight.

Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter

If you are traveling around the world, well, or just going to go into any country, different standards of the connector, this thing can be incredibly useful for you because "support" socket 150 countries! In addition, adapter is compact, which was appreciated everywhere and always.

Vega Edge

Very stylish and largely useful gadget - light for your clothes . Simply attach to your clothes beautiful leather accessories, and in addition to everyone's surprise, to be learned and practical benefits - for example at night transitions using different colors, you can easily keep track of the entire tour group. Well, to prevent or hit a car or a loved unwary cyclist.

Source: geektimes.ru/company/airbnb/blog/240831/


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