Equipment for individual salvation

Most people are very worried and afraid, when I see on television the terrible images of people trying to survive during various emergency situations, natural disasters, terrorist acts. But even worse to be on the scene in the middle, when you realize that you really have no idea how to save his life.

The tragedy of 11 September has pushed designers Jeung Choi (Choi Jiyoung) and Namsoon To (Namsun Do) to the creation of a rescue device called the Tinkerball Life Rescue Device (the Device that saved the life of Tinkerbell). This concept of special equipment for individual salvation, which can be used for descent from any floor of a tall building in case of emergency.

In order to use this device, you must perform a number of simple and not time consuming action. To start, you need to pull the strap located at the bottom of the bowl and use it to spin the ball to break the window (this step is only necessary, of course, only in the case if, as it often happens in an emergency situation, the window in the usual way to open fails). You then pull the hook placed at the top of the ball. After pulling the hook side handles will decompose automatically. After that you need to find any sustainable design or well fixed object and hook it over the hook. The result of the above actions can only stretch the strap, to wear it and grasping the side handles in spetsnaz (or just get), controlling the speed, down to earth.

The advantages of this rescue tool is obvious: fire escapes are located in strictly defined areas and get to them. On the other hand, if fire escapes easy to get too a large number of people, it is easy to imagine what a crush and turmoil is coming to them, which, of course, salvation is not conducive.

So the only thing that remains is to hope due to the fact that to eliminate all natural disasters and other emergency situations it is impossible, is the recognition of the Tinkerball Life Rescue Device standard safety equipment, which must be obligatorily equipped with all the public buildings.

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