"Eternal things" in the interior

Man perceives the rate of flow of time depending on the events happening to him or around him. Time can evenly go painfully to crawl or be carried rapidly. Japanese designer Shinobu Koizumi has taken time into their own hands and experimented with it. And the result of games by the talented designer eventually became the original stone chair and Eternal creative coffee table out of the sand Moment.

Immortal Eternal seat in moments of sweet rest that invokes the feeling of suspended time, reminds predisease bliss to the person that time goes on forever, and nothing before him forever. Amazing chair made from granite chips to the epoxy resin in the form of rocks organic shapes and encrusted with 16 glow in the dark clock with one second hand, hour markers and day and night on a constant time.

Lovely coffee table Moment embodies the opposite idea, and breaks between periods of vigorous activity creates a feeling of island of stability, a time where they stopped. Timeless coffee table mimics frozen for sand in the hourglass. It is made of sand, linked epoxy resin, and has a transparent acrylic leg depicting the space in the neck between the two vessels of the hourglass.

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