What is Kibo?

If kickboxing (a mixture of classical English Boxing and karate) — full combat system, Kibo — a special fitness program. Here are not taught the rules of self-defense. Rather, it is a choreography with elements of martial arts. And no philosophy, just practice! The basis of Kibo are safe, but strong punches and kicks that are inflicted by invisible enemy.

In some clubs a lesson Kibo is even called "shadow Boxing". Individual movements are added to complete the combination of different intensity. The strokes combined with basic steps of aerobics and strength training. Perhaps not like the fitness programs after which from the audience flow streams of sweat, as in Kibo. Kibo develops strength and endurance, flexibility and coordination, strengthens the respiratory system and the heart muscle. Sharp blows at a fast pace can burn incredible amounts of calories. Kibo helps quickly to lose weight in one lesson burned 500-800 calories. And since the shock involves the entire body, no muscle remains unexamined. So, the punch begins with the feet, then the movement of the involved knee, pelvis, followed by the trunk and finally the arm. In addition, Kibo allows you to defeat the main enemy of modern man — stress.

Targeted strikes rid of negative emotions better than other entertainment. In General, this workout is perfect in every way. To learn the secrets of Kibo. Age and skill do not matter. Lessons happy to visit both women and men. Specific contraindications for this type of fitness does not exist, you just need to be attentive to yourself, because the load is high enough. If you have health problems, be sure to notify your trainer and put on the hand heart rate monitor, which will signal when the heart starts to "jump" out of his chest. In Kibo there are movements for both beginners and advanced.

Even in the same group can engage people of different skill levels: while beginners learn simple chords, "veterans" are more complex "material", hone technique. All the same, newcomers will not be easy. Kibo requires a stable breath, and when at the same time intensely working a muscle group, very hard to breathe evenly, not breaking the rhythm. However, after two weeks of regular training, proper breathing will become a habit. Typically a lesson lasts an hour — more than enough.

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