What is the phenomenon of Presevo?

Often long I can not remember the familiar word "on the tip of my tongue."

It turns out that it's not just. This phenomenon is called the phenomenon of presquevu (from FR presque "almost seen"), when you forget a basic word that you know is not one year.

In this case it seems that it will remember that it is already coming out of your mouth. But it was not there: even a few days to remember it, and then suddenly, quite unexpectedly, even to himself his "blurt".

Then, getting angry at myself, and in General the existence of that word, looking for other words, but they are not enough to describe the meaning. In short, such a mess it turns out.

In line with the phenomenon, scientists put presquevu and effects of déjà vu and gavemy.

About the first effect each of us has heard at least a little, and even more — felt. The essence of sensation, as if this situation has ever happened to you, you were in this place, did it also was all around — nature, objects, weather, but this feeling is not associated with a specific point in the past, and refers to the past in General.

There is another psychical phenomenon, the opposite of deja vu, called jamais vu is more.

Its essence lies in the fact that in a familiar place and familiar people you think you see them for the first time that these people absolutely unfamiliar to you, and in the interior you are for the first time.

According to studies, the effect of deja vu felt close to 97 percent of people at least once in your life.

Another thing about the effect of RevEmu: his appearance may be a reason to believe that you have a serious mental disorder.

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