EKKO - architectural and sound installation in Denmark

EKKO – architectural and sound installation by German artist Thilo Frank has introduced in the North of Denmark. Visitors are encouraged to walk through the distorted space of the wooden structure, listening to the sounds of their voices and steps.

Concrete base design creates a continuous track, while 200 wooden frames of different sizes, installed at different slope, forming a swirling translucent tunnel for walking.

In the wilds of wooden beams and hidden microphones pick up the sounds of everything happening in the travel tunnel. With a computer, these sounds are mixed and played back through tiny speakers with distorted echoes.

This "audio archive" enhances the perception of the geometry of the structure and its zoned space. Surreal play of light, sound, shadows and material is in continuous motion, the perception of which depends on the dynamics of the visit of the tunnel, changes of the time of day and weather conditions.

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