How to get the battery to serve twice as long


All good modern smartphones — functionality, the size of the screens. That's just the batteries they have trouble, so very quickly they are discharged, when you use all features of your phone. But the company Eta Devices, who grew up within the walls of mit, seems to have found a way to increase the operation time of battery about two times. Moreover, no changes in the batteries.

What alternatives were proposed recently by engineers and designers in order to maximally extend the life of mobile phone batteries to allow the vehicles as much as possible not to contact with chargers. They even considered the use of AA batteries. But the young engineers from the company Eta Devices, it seems, came up with a really effective and promising way to extend the battery life in smartphones twice.

The idea was developed and introduced by these engineers, is based on the realization of the fact that the smartphone is incredibly inefficient in terms of energy device! After all, it consumes much more energy than him at one time or another work need.


And therefore in order to increase the life of the mobile phone without recharging, you just have to teach him to use as much electricity as he really should. The technology developed by Eta Devices, is installing on the smartphone additional charges, which will be similar to the transmission in the car. She will choose between different values of voltage, depending on which of them need phone at one time or another work. Moreover, this choice happen to be 20 million times per second. The experiments showed that the introduction of this technology will allow us to serve the battery about two times longer than it runs on a single charge now. And the cost of the phone with virtually no change.

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