The longest bridge in the world

The Hangzhou Bay bridge crosses the Hangzhou Bay and is the longest transoceanic bridge in the world. Its length is 35 km and 673 meters. Cars rush across the bridge at six Expressway lanes in two directions. Actually, to be dispersed there for the glory, but the maximum speed is limited to 100 kilometers per hour.

The opening ceremony took place, after four years of construction, in 2007 and passed it with great fanfare. However, then opened the bridge just for the test drive (the common people got the opportunity to use the bridge in a year). The Hangzhou Bay bridge is built in the shape of the letter "S", but this is not irrational love for originality. According to some sources, the "S"-shaped bridge dowry in order to make it as sustainable with a particularly strong tidal waves. Maybe so, but the main reason is rooted in the other.

The fact that in real life almost no straight roads. Therefore, road users especially relaxing is not necessary – constantly required to Dodge. Attention is always keen. And on those roads where by happy coincidence, intelligently combined with the tortuous straightness, the accident rate is lower.

But since, as man has conquered the vastness of the ocean and began to build bridges, which in its essence must be the shortest way from point A to point B, there are, of course, and straight roads. On which the accident rate does not help reduce even the speed limit. Because that's not the point. The fact that long bridges are on the drivers sleep. And the longer the bridge, of course, he is stronger than lulls. To combat this trend, the longest bridge in the world, and imparted to the winding form. In addition, in order to drive motorists drowsiness throughout the length of the bridge is decorated with flashing lights of different colors. Sometimes the fatigue is so great that so unbearable and it does not compete. Well, also stipulates that. In the middle of the bridge there is a place for relaxation: restaurant, hotel, observation deck in the form of a ball and a broad range of services.

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