Smart socks Socks Smarter will find the second half

Mass washing of socks of the same leads to their efficient mixing and forced to undertake the difficult process of separating them by the original couples, that takes away valuable time from extremely pedantic people. Swiss company Blacksocks, to relieve buyers of socks from a highly intelligent and exciting lessons, creative has created Smarter socks Socks, which are split in pairs through the use of modern technologies is fast and fun.

Smart Smarter socks Socks showing incredible abilities with the help attached to buttons, which is a RFID tags and NFC labels scanner that communicates with the iPhone via Bluetooth and a special app. The combination of reading devices and programs for your help to find a pair of socks in a big pile socks; tell the biography advanced socks (date of manufacture, date of purchase, the foot of the carrier, the amount of residual washings), and create a new pair of socks, if they are the source of the second half fell into disrepair or disappeared. In addition, the iPhone app using the phone's camera, measures the degree of fading socks and tells about the need of replacing them with new ones.


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