One of the most mysterious places on our planet - the Nazca Geoglyphs

Our world is full of mysterious monuments, which are not clear where it came from... All these places have been carefully examined by historians, archaeologists and scientists, but there are ancient, incomplete or unclear that is still not clear why they were built and for what purpose was served. One of the most mysterious places on our planet is — the Nazca Geoglyphs is a series of lines and icons located on a dry plateau in the Nazca desert in Peru.

They cover a territory of about 50 miles, and was created sometime between 200 BC and 700 ad by the Nazca Indians. These lines have been preserved intact for many years because of the dry climate, because rain and winds here are extremely rare.

Some of the lines cover a distance of 600 feet and depict many different subjects, from simple straight lines to insects and animals is not clear. Scientists know who made the Nazca Lines and how they did it, but still do not understand why all of this. The most common and reliable hypothesis — that line was an important aspect of the religious beliefs of the ancient Indians, and that they created these drawings as a gift from the gods that can see them from heaven.

Other scientists are convinced that line — not that other, as evidence of the use of the huge looms. Anyway, this place leaves today a lot of unknowns.

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