Electric battery 170 years of operation

The device, which is called the Clarendon Dry Pile 180 years ago became a Professor of physics Robert Walker (Robert Walker). Stand at the device it is written: "Made in 1840," though Walker says that has created this amazing machine for 5 years before.

This device is made of two cylinders that are covered with an insulating layer of sulphur and are connected in series. At the bottom of the cylinders are brass bells. Between the cylinders on a thin wire hanging metal ball 5 mm in diameter, which is torn between the bells, hitting that one, then another of them with a frequency of two hits per second.
Found that during the work, the ball hit the bells already 1’000’000’000 times.
What are the cylinders themselves — a secret covered with a gloom. I believe that within the alternating layers of metal foil and paper coated with manganese dioxide. Once the ball hits one bell, it is charged with electricity is repelled toward the other cylinder. There leaves its charge, and charging from the opposite potential. And so on to infinity.

Many, relying on such a long, incredible, work life, take the liberty to say that it is nothing but a perpetual motion machine. Anyway, this device is already on the pages of the Guinness book of records as "most durable battery".

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