Most poisonous flower in the world

Most poisonous flower that grows on our planet called Aconite Jungar. This small and incredibly beautiful flower can kill not only humans, but a big animal.
We have it named "voskoboinik" or "fighter", is a Russian name appeared not just. Earlier, while hunting a wolf when he close approached the settlement, weapons, for example, such as arrows or spears were coated with poison that could get out of this deadly plant.

In all above-ground parts of many toxic substances but the most toxic roots. That autumn is the most intensive accumulation of alkaloids. After the poisoning death occurs from respiratory paralysis and cardiac muscle.
Residents of Alaska have found that this plant can cope with the most enormous animal in the world. Toxic flower interfere with fat and smeared harpoons used for hunting whales. If you just couldn't kill a whale, then a few days later the poison itself was completed, and the carcass is brought to shore.

But in ancient Rome and Greece, this flower was used as a poison for condemned criminals. This is such a beautiful flower that it was used as an ornamental, but the Emperor Traianus filed a decree banning the cultivation of Aconite in their parks and gardens, as very often there were cases of both accidental and intentional poisoning.

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